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University Health Network

Multi-Factor Authentication Log In



How does Multi-Factor Authentication™ work?
Multi-Factor Authentication works by prompting for an verification code during login.

Step 1:
Enter your usual username and password.
Step 2:
Instantly, you are prompted for an verification code. Enter the current verification code displayed by the Azure Authenticator mobile app or token.
That's It!

This simple process provides two separate factors of authentication with the secondary authentication provided by something you have (your smart phone or token).


What happens if I lose my phone?
Select the Change Phone Number option to enter a new phone number. An alternate number can also be set up by calling the support help desk, once your identity is strongly established.


What happens if I lose cell phone coverage in a certain area?
The Azure Authenticator mobile app does not need to be connected to the mobile network or WiFi in order to display verification codes.